Dr. Charm's Health 101 takes her over 20 years of experience in health and nutrition and shows you what foods and supplements are beneficial for you in a 5 part basic course.

Reclaim Your Health

In today's stressful world, we can get bogged down with day to day challenges and forget what it was like to be a child-happy, playful, and most of all, healthy.

Uncover the Secret to Eating Well

We eat every day. We have a familiar relationship with food based on culture, family, and tradition. However, there is a hidden technology to food that most of us know nothing about.

Be Empowered

Let Dr. Charm take you on a journey to reveal this hidden technology, using the science of nutrition. You will learn what elements truly benefit your health and why. You don't have to have a medical background to understand these concepts. Dr. Charm breaks down complex concepts into simple lessons that will truly enrich your life.